Burn_Bot is equipped with a customisable welcome system with both universal and channel specific elements.

What is a welcome?

Welcomes are the messages that Burn_Bot shows the first time a viewer speaks in the chat room after a given amount of time, it is the equivalent of you saying "Hi, hows it going?".

Why are welcomes useful?

Streamers, by definition, are people who are performing a task, such as playing a game, while also trying to interact with those in chat. This can sometimes become difficult and confusing, depending on the task and how busy their chat is, and it is very easy to not notice a new person in chat or to miss messages and other such things.

By Burn_Bot welcoming the viewer for you it means that they not only get a welcome, and thus hopefully feel more at home in the chat room, but it also serves as a prompt to the streamer to notice that someone new has just joined the conversation.

Welcomes are not done when someone joins the channel (due to how often people skim through streams, joining and seeing if they like the person's quality or voice and then leaving for another stream and leave before Burn_Bot can even recognise that they joined the channel) due to this if a viewer is a "lurker" (doesn't talk or talk often) they may not recieve a welcome or may recieve multiple welcomes (depending on the amount of time between chat messages)

What can I do with welcomes?

As a member of the chat room you can buy and set your own custom welcome message. This is done either by choosing from pre-created welcomes, which costs 300 points, or by writing your own message, which costs 1000 points. See the Points System page for more details on points. 

Once a user has set their chosen welcome message that message will be what Burn_Bot greets them with regardless of which channel they are on (provided the channel has Burn_Bot in it).

Broadcasters can create custom welcome messages (only accessible through their channel) which viewers can then set as their chosen welcome message. Broadcasters can also choose what welcome will be the default welcome of their channel, from the list of global welcomes (below) or from their own custom welcomes list.

Welcome Commands

Viewer Commands
!Welcomes Provides a link to the list of global welcomes, as well as lists any custom welcomes the channel may have
!Buy Welcome [reference] Sets the user's welcome message to 1 of any of the global or channel created welcomes. (Costs 300 points)
!Buy Welcome [Message] Sets the user's welcome message to a custom message they have written, this message must contain $nick [The name identifier] (costs 1000 points)
Broadcaster Commands
!Add Welcome [Message]


Adds a custom welcome message for your channel, must contain $nick at some point 

($nick is the username of whoever Burn_Bot is welcoming)

!Set Welcome [reference] Sets the default welcome message for your channel to 1 of any of the global welcomes or your channel's custom welcomes.

Global Welcomes list

Reference Welcome Message
1 (default)

Welcome [User]! I hope you enjoy your time here!

2 Feel Free to lurk while watching me make a fool of myself [User].
3 Hello [User], welcome to insanity!
4 Hey [User]! Grab some popcorn, get a soda and enjoy the stream!
5 Careful [User]! This stream has been rated A for Awesome!
6 Welcome to the stream [User]. Relax and enjoy you descent into madness.
7 Hey [User], How's it going? Grab what you need and stay a while.
8 Hey you, yeah you, [User]! welcome to the stream! We are glad to have you!
9 Hi there [User], you are welcome to rest at our bonfire.
10 Hello [User], we were expecting you...