Burn_Bot is equipped with a fully functional raffle system which works in conjunction with the Points System.

What is a raffle? Edit

A raffle is a competition among viewers where all those interested in paticipating must enter the competition and then a winner is chosen from those that enter, this negates the awkward issue of someone winning a competition when they don't want or already have the reward (usually a game key for steam or something similar)

How do raffles work? Edit

Burn_Bot's raffles work by entries being opened by the broadcaster using the !raffle open command, see Commands. This allows viewers to enter the raffle for 3 minutes, at the end of which entries will be closed and no more people will be able to enter. The raffle system is closely linked to the Points System as it requires 12 points to buy a ticket to enter the current raffle on a channel. To enter a raffle all a viewer has to do is have a minimum of 12 points and use the !buy raffle command, see Commands, this will enter them into the list of potential winners. Once the raffle has closed (after 3 minutes) the broadcaster can use the !raffle winner command, see Commands, to chose a random winner from the list of entered people. !raffle winner will chose a random winner each time and so a broadcaster can give away mutliple prizes while only having to open one raffle. 

[Broadcasters] If using BetterTTV by Nightdev be sure to set CongratsYou'reAWinner as one of your highlighted words to make it easier to spot the raffle winner

When can I enter a raffle? Edit

You can only open a raffle if there is a raffle currently open on that channel, this means that unless you see the broadcaster has opened a raffle, or other people entering said raffle, you probably won't be able to enter one. If in doubt ask the broadcaster or a mod if there is a raffle open before trying to use !buy raffle.

Uses of the raffle system Edit

While this system was predominantly made to help with giveaways you could also use it to hold any form of competiton you can think of, such as a competition to choose someone(s) to join your game or be invited into the RaidCall/TeamSpeak/Mumble/etc group to get to talk to you. If you can think of a prize you can hold a raffle for it!