-mIRC- Burn bot- How to use the Points and Raffle Systems!

-mIRC- Burn bot- How to use the Points and Raffle Systems!

Burn_Bot is currently equipped with a constantly running and universal points system, the details of which while be explained below.

How do I earn points? Edit

Any viewer that is signed into a twitch account and present in a channel's chat room with Burn_Bot in it will automatically start earning points. You earn 1 point every 10 minutes, this means that the total number of points you have accrued (viewable by using the command !Points)  can also be considered a measurement of your loyalty to the group of channels that use Burn_Bot, however it is not a sure fire method as points have other uses.

What can I use my points for? Edit

At this moment in time points are only used to gauge how long someone has been in the group of channels Burn_Bot is used by and to buy tickets to enter into raffles held by those channels using Burn_Bot's Raffle System. Each ticket currently costs 12 points, which is the equivalent of 2 hours spent in a channel which uses Burn_Bot. To buy a ticket you must use the command !Buy Raffle, see Commands.

As Burn_Bot's repertoire of commands evolve so to shall the points system, due to this people may find their points balance is reset after large events held by the channels which use Burn_Bot or after large changes to Burn_Bot itself. Please be aware of this fact and keep an eye on Afterburn's twitter to see if your loss of points was intentional. 

Where can I use my points? Edit

Currently points are univeral across all channels which use Burn_Bot, this means you could earn points in one channel and then go to a different channel to spend them. The channel which is most likely to have the most functions that require points is Afterburn1000's. This is due to most of Burn_Bot's script being written originally for that broadcaster and then later adapted for use over multiple channels.