Burn_Bot is equipped with a Dungeons and Dragons inspired combat system which allows 2 users in the same channel to duel each other. The system is still being developed and requires balancing. The system is not currently linked to any form of points system, but there are plans to connect it to an Experience system eventually.

What is a Duel? Edit

A duel is a competitive fight to the death between 2 viewers on a channel. Both viewers must agree to the duel and choose their desired equipment (which determines their stats) before they enter combat. Once in combat each user can choose to Attack, Defend or cast Magic in a given round. The first user to get their opponent's health to 0 wins, alternatively their opponent could Surrender.

How do duels work? Edit

A Duel is separated into different phases; Challenge phase, Equipment Phase and Combat phase. There are also some elements which are phase independent.

Challenge Phase Edit

Starts when one viewer challenges another, allowing the challenged viewer to accept or refuse the challenge. If the duel is accepted both viewers progress to the Equipment Phase.

Equipment Phase Edit

After a duel has been accepted both viewers are able to choose their desired equipment for the duel. A viewers stats are influenced by what equipment they choose. Heavier and Stronger weapons or armour will make a viewer slower than one who chooses lighter and weaker equipment. Once both users have decided on their equipment and Readied themselves for combat they will enter the Combat Phase

Combat Phase Edit

After having chosen their desired equipment and readied themselves for combat the viewers will have a choice of what actions to perform in a round (1 action per round). They will be able to choose whether they Attack, Defend or cast Magic that round. After both users have chosen their action for the round they are performed. The viewer that performs their action first is determined by their Speed stat (determined by their choice in equipment). After a round's actions have been performed the combat phase will progress to the next round until a viewer reaches 0 health or Surrenders

Phase Independent Edit

As long as a viewer has accepted a duel and has not already completed their duel they are able to check the Status of their character to see their current Health, Statistics and Equipment. In the Equipment phase this can be a useful way of checking the Statistics your equipment choice will give you. At any point during a duel a user is able to choose to surrender from the duel. There are no punishments for Surrendering from a duel currently.

Commands Edit

Challenge Phase Edit

These commands are only usable during the challenge phase

!Challenge (Target) Challenges the target user to a duel (Must accept within 5 minutes)
!Duel (Accept/Refuse) Accepts or refuses an issued challenge (Must have been challenged)

Equipment Phase Edit

These commands are only usable during the equipment phase

!Equipment Displays all weapons and armours current available to the user
!Equip (Weapon/Armour) [Identifier] Equips the specified piece of equipment
!Ready Readies for combat (Must have both a weapon and armour set equipped)

Combat Phase Edit

These commands are only usable during the combat phase

!Attack The user attacks their opponent with their equipped weapon (damage influenced by equipped weapon)
!Defend The user defends against the opponent's attack (2x max Defense of equipped armour)
!Magic The user casts a high damage, but low accuracy, magic at the opponent

Phase Independent Edit

These commands are usable any time during the Equipment and Combat Phases.

!Status Displays a users current Health, Statistics and Equipment
!Surrender Surrenders to the opponent, letting them win the duel (Will automatically trigger if no action is taken after 5 minutes)

Future plans Edit

There are plans to upgrade the Duel System in the near future to include a Class System with different abilities and mechanics as well as an Experience System which will allow the user to gain experience from winning duels so they can level up their classes and get access to new more powerful equipment and abilities.