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Welcome to the Burn_Bot Wiki

This is a wiki devoted to the chat bot Burn_Bot on Twitch. The bot is mostly used on the Afterburn1000's channel however the bot is open to the public and is constantly being updated to make it more usable by other channels.

What is Burn_Bot?

Burn_Bot is a chat bot for the gaming commentary streaming service .

It is currently being built,improved upon and hosted by Afterburn1000. Burn_Bot is predominantly used on Afterburn's channel as it was originally developed for his friend's and own use. However as Burn_Bot has grown as a bot it has become more and more accessable by anyone, and is used by some of Afterburn1000's Twitch friends.

Burn_Bot is a compilation of Afterburn1000's own work and snippets, often modified, from the forums. (Go check it out if you are interested, it helped a lot! AB) 

If you would like to try using Burn_Bot on your own channel bear in mind that it is still in development and some of its functions may not always work as intend all of the time. If there are any issues they are usually short lived as Afterburn1000 is often tweaking/fixing Burn_Bot.

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