Burn_Bot uses a database to recognise which users are permitted to do what and on which channel. This means that a user doesn't have to be the broadcaster on Twitch to be able to use Burn_Bot's Broadcaster commands.

Am I recognised as a Broadcaster? Edit

If you have used the !Join command then you have been added to the list of Broadcasters, on your channel.

If for some reason you cannot use the Broadcaster Commands please try the following steps before emailing the developer for support at or tweet us!.

1. Make sure you have used the !join command on Burn_Bot's Channel and have received the confirmation message.

2. Ensure that you are on the same account and channel you wish to be recognised as a Broadcaster on.

3. Check that Burn_Bot is currently online, this is easiest done by checking the viewers list of either Burn_Bot or Afterburn's channels

If you wish to be recognised as a Broadcaster on someone else's channel please read the section below.

What if I want multiple users to be recognised as Broadcasters on my channel? Edit

Due to the database Burn_Bot uses it is possible to have multiple users recognised as Broadcasters on any one page. However to stop people from abusing this and becoming Broadcasters on channels they shouldn't be the only way to become an extra Broadcaster is for the channel owner to private message Afterburn1000on Twitch with a list of usernames they wish to be recognised as a Broadcaster.

If you wish to stop someone being recognised as a Broadcaster on your channel please use the same method as you would to authorise them but specify those you wish to be unauthorised.

Afterburn will only authorise people as Broadcasters if given the channel owner's permission! Do not message him asking to be a Broadcaster on someone else's channel.

If you do wish to authorise someone as a Broadcaster on your channel bare in mind they will be able to use all of Burn_Bot's commands as though they were the channel owner. Do not authorise someone unless you know they will not abuse the added powers.

Disclaimer:Afterburn1000 and any other persons that have contributed toward Burn_Bot do not claim any responsibility for the misuse of Burn_Bot, it's commands or any of the channel owner's information. If a user does misuse any of the aforementioned items through the use of Burn_Bot it is considered the responsibility of the individual or the channel owner which authorised the individual to use said items on their channel.