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Afterburn1000 (Usually referred to as Afterburn, After or AB) is Burn_Bot's creator and main developer. As such he has the privilege of creating custom commands and functions based around his needs.

He is a self taught amateur scripter, meaning that all the functions for Burn_bot (that he has written) are the product of his own understanding of how things can be done... this doesn't always mean its the best way to do them. He intends to learn more techniques and eventually more languages and programming at some point, but is currently focussing on his degree at University.

If you see a system, command or another function which you would be interested in using yourself please email or tweet us @Burn_Bot_Tweets clearly stating what you would like to happen and a brief description of why.   


These are commands which are specific to Afterburn1000's Channel only, this may be due to their personalised theme or functionality. These commands may be integrated into the universal commands (in some form) eventually.

Viewer CommandsEdit

!Death [identifier] Adds a death to the specified death count
!DeathCounter [identifier] Displays the specified death count
!Deaths Displays the 5 most recent death counts recorded
!FullDeaths Displays all death counts recorded

Moderator CommandsEdit

!Add Death [identifier] Creates a death counter accessed through the specified identifier (the identifier must be 1 word due to the storage method used, use _ or - to join words coherently)
!Delete Death [Identifier] Deletes the specified death counter (abides by the same limitations as !Add Death
 !Punish [Target] for (Reason) Times out the target for varying periods of time depending on how many times they have been punished in the previous 12 hours.


These are systems which are only usable by Afterburn1000, this may be due to their personalised theme or functionality. These systems may be opened to public use (in some form) eventually.

Death SystemEdit

A system which allows for deaths in multiple games to be tracked over an extended period of time.

Punishment SystemEdit

A moderation system which allows moderators and higher to punish users while dictating who punished the user and why they did so.


Afterburn is Burn_Bot's developer, curator and host (at the time of writing this). He is also the main editor on this wiki (again at the time of writing this). So yes, I am writing about myself!

Afterburn is a British Biochemistry student whose main interests are gaming, science, fiddling with complex technology/systems (Hence Burn_Bots's creation), mixology, food and anime.

His favourite games are: 

The Souls series, Terraria, The Final Fantasy Series, The Kingdom Hearts Series, The Borderlands Series, The Fallout and Elder Scrolls series, The Gears of War Series and many others...

Basically a bunch of RPG's, First or Third person shooters, Solo or Co-op games with a bunch of random titles thrown in for good measure.

At the time of writing this Afterburn is a streamer on Twitch and archives his past streams and some special videos on Youtube. Only time can tell as to whether either of these will be successful.